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My Beloved, Fill Me with Your Spirit

My Beloved, Fill Me with Your Spirit

- Isha Natha

29th of April 2009:
A spiritual revolution is needed now. The human kind has arrived on a verge and changes need to take place. This transformation on a wider scale is born from within each individual. This is the work of every living being on Earth and in other worlds. There is not much Divine Love or Divine manifestations in any of the forms on Earth, but only products of the ego and selfishness. This cannot continue. A change of direction is needed.

All being and living is One. Everything has come from one God and is eternally one in God. You, me, this, that... these are just names for outer forms, the reality of existence is hidden in that which cannot be seen with the eye, nor heard with the ear. When you arrive at the beginning of the bridge, you will come to see that everything which you previously held as real, doesn't appear as real as before. When you succeed in crossing the bridge and arrive in God, you will know what is real and what is relative, but this difference too is just apparent. Everything is one in God, eternally.

The bridge I mentioned is the Holy Spirit, the eternal pulse of the created which effects all and makes all life possible. It is Sound and Light. When you mature inwardly and arrive inwardly at the beginning of the bridge, then you know that at the other end there is God and He has waited for you there for a long time, since He created you of Himself and put you out to the world. He is waiting for you, each of us with an equal longing, and He welcomes us with open arms and Love. He doesn't care about what we have done or thought, He just longs us to Himself, so that He can be together with His children. Do you understand what this means? Your home is with God and us all children have one home in one God. We all have come from the same Creator, of His will and blessing, not from the will of this or that god. Father is One and He is the Creator and Beloved of all of us.

There are many ways to come to the beginning of the bridge which will lead us back to God. One of them is a prayer. It will silence your consciousness and you can easily hear the Sound which springs from within you. With my, Christs, blessing you will move forward on your journey when you just pray, and for just a moment among your worldly tasks give yourself to silence, then you can hear the stream of the Holy Spirit, the sound of many waters. When you become silent and settle within, open your heart. You might think it is difficult, but it isn't; just sit down and breathe deeply to calm yourself down and then say,

My Beloved, fill me with Your Spirit”,

and you will be fulfilled. Maybe sometime you have experienced this or you remember that something similar happened to you sometime earlier. Now is the time to go deeper and reveal that what you under your outer shell truly are. So when you sit down and let your breath become calm, let those silent words of prayer stream forth from your heart to Him as you yourself feel best and comfortable with. Just begin to speak and pray and as you continue this even for a short while you will notice that you become elevated in your inner experience and you start to hear that Sound, see the Light and so you reach the beginning of the bridge, to the communion of the Holy Spirit, which takes you still further to your Father. Remember that you should be open, open your heart even just little bit, just a little bit and you will feel elevated into peace and silence. When you arrive at the beginning of the bridge, me, Son of God – the Christ, will be there to guide you further.

During the last few thousand years the mankind has gotten under the power of doubt and delusion. So powerful is the power of duality that it makes the child to forget its home and its parents. That has happened to humanity and now is the time for the children to return their homes, to their beloved parents. You have now learned one easy and simple way to seek your way back home. And remember that I am there to help you and keep you safe when you begin to enter silence. I will take care of you and take you back home. But you must make an initiative and make an effort with a prayer and the power of the loving words to get into the communion of the Holy Spirit. You will understand everything better once you get started, you will get answers to your questions. Know that God is Love and God has created you so also you are entirely pure Love, but you are just used to seeing it differently. When you become silent, pray and listen to your inner Sound and you will come to know that you too, despite everything, are pure Love. This is my teaching today. Push forward, I – The Son of God, am there to help you.

* * *

Thank you Moolanatha for the English editing.

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