perjantai 13. tammikuuta 2012

English: March on!

March on!

The person looks around and sees the sheer madness of the mind. He/she becomes disillusioned of its beliefs and says, ”I want the Truth of Life”. And so, he sets his foot on the Path of knowing the Self beyond suffering.

He decides to take medicine which removes the poison of delusion, illusion and error of his life. This is very good. He enjoys the first steps on the Path with Joy, singing loudly and dancing around.

But then, one day, the medicine isn't sweet anymore... Now it tastes like s*hit... He feels a sting...

Ouch! What happened?!”, he wonders, scrathing his head in awe. ”What hit me..?

Those who still believe in the mind and its stories, begin to doubt the purpose of walking the Path. Some say, ”Oh, this is not what I want. This isn't what I really need... I want something easier... something warm and cozy... not awful problems like this...” and they rationalize why it is better to stop meditating, praying and ego-surrendering. They step aside of the Path and lose the Path... while those who have faith and courage, march on fearlessly.

The sting will pass and again there will be Joy and Bliss, greater than before. Little by little, the seeker gets to know the Self. The medicine tastes sweet again.

Slowly, they, the seeker and the Self, become acquainted and friends until ”Ouch!” the medicine becomes bitter and the legs start to shake again. And in this way it continues...

”Aahhh... What a Love and Joy...” and

”Ouch! It hurts!” and

”Ooohhh... What a silent and blissful being I am...” and

”Bloody hell! WTF!?”...

And this keeps on going, back and forth, until the seeker has gone through the deepest and most dreadful of his inner hells, has become face-to-face with the worst of his fears and gone beyond them. His muscles, bones and marrow are completely grounded... Nothing is left...

But finally! At last!

As he hasn't settled for any fleeting experience or any half-truths, he shall, by the Grace of God, become unified with the Self and become Self-Awakened.

Never again, is he bothered by the taste of the medicine... whether bitter or sweet. Nothing is the same anymore... There is no suffering, nor attaching to the freedom attained... The True Nature, the Self has been truly found and realized.

All this begins with a firm resolve to know the Truth beyond the limits of the ”me, my, mine-mind” .

As you firmly make the resolve... Keep treading on! March on! Don't be moved by small or big setbacks. Know that any problem you face is created by your own mind and its reactions.

Settle for no less than the full Truth of Life...


- Babananda