torstai 26. toukokuuta 2011

Two Oversouls united

Two Oversouls united

Always in the beginning of my meditation practice, I unite my Oversoul with that of Thirumular by using an ancient Hawaiian Huna-rite that I learned from Amma. Oversoul is the highest or deepest, however you want to put it, core of our Being and it can be found from high above the head. The kahunas, practitioners of Huna called this Aumakua – the Higher Self.

I asked the Master to fortify the sense of meditating my own Higher Self and His Oversoul together and He did. A massive flow of two united beams of very subtle and strong spiritual energy showered down upon me like a heavy monsoon rain.

Further I wanted to ask Him how should I meditate as mantras and other techniques had lately felt somehow superficial.

Just remember Me”, was His answer.

I reflected on this for a moment and felt that this, in fact was the 'problem issue' I had had because remembering Him requires an act of will or a momentum of mental power.

But this also is strenuous... What should I do then?”

Just surrender...”, He said and by saying so I melted in such a tender and vast blissful silence that no describing words will ever reach there.


- Babananda, 26.5.2011

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