perjantai 19. lokakuuta 2012

The Path of Advaita Siddhanta

The Path of Advaita Siddhanta

In this period of time, my work is a lot of emailing, writing, organizing, arranging and taking care of a lot stuff concerned with teaching Sundara Kriya Yoga of Moolar and Babaji. It is a lot of work for one person, some times too much. Answering emails can take hours of my day, it keeps me very busy. Since the beginning of my conscious seeking, I've always thought that this path and spiritual work is for the benefit of all persons and all beings, in all aspects: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, creatively, materially... in all ways. Hence, naturally, I try to give my best to it.

It isn't always easy and it never will be for any teacher whose message is that of spiritual truth. That is because the mainstream culture and the mind of man is that of dualism (dvaita) and anyone who expounds on the contrary to that, shares the message of non-dualism (advaita) will meet with the doubts and negativity, even hate, of fellow men. That is just how it will always be. I remember Buddha as well as some other buddhist masters talking about this to his or theirs students. It was the same mind of man which nailed Jesus to the cross, too.

Anyway, today after writing pages of emails to Finnish and foreign friends, fellow seekers, I was exhausted. I still had many things to take care of but I was just tired... I sat down, not meaning to meditate, but just to take some rest, you know. Just yesterday, in the case of one Tibetan buddhist master, I'd been wondering why they need to take breaks of their public work and their doctors always insist them to take full rest from their work. I think I've got some taste of that.

So I sat down, allowed my breath to calm down for a few moments and just watched around our living room which is our meditation and training room. After some moments, I closed my eyes and sighed to master (Thirumoolar), that this work is heavy for me sometimes. At that he answered, with an understanding and knowing tone,

"Your work is to bring all yogas of wisdom together and put it out".

When he said "all yogas of wisdom" a flash of a map with India, China and Japan flew through my mind. After that, I opened my eys, started moving my body and noticed that 2 hours had passed since I sat down.

Master's words weren't news for me but a good reminder. Sometimes I feel it is a humongous task for a simple man like myself. You know, I'm not a great master, not an avatar or anything close that, wasn't born enlightened or anything like that. I'm just a guy from Finland who loved to meditate, or better had no other choice than to meditate(!), and sought for the Truth, nothing great or fancy but simply outting up a honest spiritual effort which doesn't come easy. And now, I'm just simple servant of my satgurudeva, Moolarji.

I'm very happy that in some years of pursuing this path and doing this work on courses, initiations and retreats, I've been fortunate to meet likeminded people, so far only in Finland, who resonate with this lineage of masters and teachings and are willing to pursue it, honestly and sincerely. When I see people joining courses and who write me emails afterwards, telling me their lives have changed for better, in nothing short of a miraculous way, I feel I am doing something right and that there is a concrete benefit to people. Then I feel this sweaty and backbreaking effort bears fruit. I've said to masters since day one, that if it didn't (bring benefit) I wouldn't continue to do this.

As a simple and somewhat tough-luck guy from Finland, I can say that Kriya Yoga of Moolar and Babaji, has some real potential in making our lives beautiful. But we need to practice, everyday, every moment, moment to moment... seek and find, seek and find, find and find again... I can say that with the help of Thirumoolar and Babaji one's life may turn into that of a song and dance, of calmness and understanding... Life can become truly humane... This is highly desired but we need to take the medicine of Kriya Yoga and practice it. Sundara Kriya Yoga of Moolar and Babaji is the path to nondual perfection (advaita siddhanta). A path and method to our true home, to liberation (moksha), nothing less than that. Please make every use of it.

Much Love and Blessings to All,
- Babananda, 19.10.2012

maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2012

Blessings of Easter

Blessings of Easter

For some days, I had some physical aches in my body and I wasn't able to fix it on my own, though I tried. On the morning of the 2nd Easter Day, the day when Jesus Christ (Isha Natha)had ascended after his crucifixion, I sat down for my morning sadhana (meditation).

I haven't written a lot about Isha Natha, though he has been very near and dear to me, who is a great yogi-master, an avatar, in our yogic master-lineage. Recently, during the last 2 years, I had only very rarely sought his company and blessings in meditation.

I sat down and again felt the aches in my body. I tried my best to resolve the problem on my own but wasn't able to. Then I thought of the whole lineage of our masters and made a sincere request of help to them. I felt a heavy reain of blessings shower on me as if a heavy blanket of 30 kgs was put on me. All of them came in one rush. Ah...

I stayed in their frequency of presence for some time, just absorbing it all, letting it sink into all cells of my body. After some minutes, not because of any specific reason, I asked further blessings and help from Isha Nath. In seconds I felt his presence light up my body, just like a halogen bulb, except in a very high frequency, that of a Satguru. I felt a halo above my head. The same halo, circle of light, which is painted above the heads of saints in paintings.

I remember from 2009, when I was teaching a course in Northern Finland, in Rovaniemi, when one lady who was clairvoyant told me afterwards, that during Isha's darshan (we have Darshan of 3 Satgurus programs in Sundara Kriya Yoga when we chant nama mantras and receive direct blessings from Kriya Babaji, Isha Natha and Maha Siddha Thirumoolar), she saw such a halo above my head. Perhaps, Isha Nath borrows his own halo, when he blesses with his company. I could clearly feel it, shining bright as I welcomed, or rather surrendered, in Isha's presence.

I asked Isha to help me with the aches and in moments he did. I thought how nice it was to be in his company again. Last time had been, I think over 6 months ago, so I gladly, from my heart, surrendered and we simply enjoyed together. Not talking, not chatting, just being together, merging in Love.

I had been wondering and studying about the states of concciousness in the centers above the crown. As I was blessed to be in the company of a great avatar who knew all about it, I asked Isha to lift me up to Higher Brahma Loka, where I had been earlier with Satgurudeva, Moolarji, and off we went. I remembered, how it felt when Moolar lifted me there the first time some years ago. Now, it was familiar to me. Such states are frequent in earnest Kriya Yogis Paravastha. For some minutes we simply enjoyed this state.

Then, for further study, I asked him to take me to Siddha Loka (Moolarji took me to this state also some years back and I had visited it a few times since) and again we went in the ”elevator”. Siddha Loka is a special state. We stayed for a brief moment when I recalled that I never had visited Hiranya Loka which to Kriya Yogis is known as the higher astral plane where Swami Sri Yukteswarji incarnated, after he resurrected in 1936. There's a whole chater of this in Yoganandaji's autobiography.

As we arrived, in just a flash, I recognized immediately that Hiranyaloka is certainly a plane of high-developed spiritual beings. In Yogananda's book it is said that only beings who have attained nirguna samadhi state may incarnate to this plane. Made complete sense to me for it is such a subtle, subtler than subtle, plane that a gross being simply couldn't sustain it. As we arrived, Sri Yukteswarji was there to welcome us two.

Sri Yuktesrwar is very special to me. I remember him from an incarnation just before this one and his picture was the first contact to this master lineage in my present life. He welcomed us for a vist to Hiranyaloka and we simply enjoyed, us three being together. Still, we didn't talk or communicate telepathically but simply enjoyed. There was no forms of my face, Isha's face or Sri Yukteswar's face or bodies, in this astral plane we we're just balls of light.

In heart-melting company, we enjoyed for some time. How nice it is to meet yogis of such a caliber, true friends whom you know from previous lives, and just enjoy, simply be together. What a satsang... I let it all fill my being, also physical body and all its' body cells. My physical body was a blaze with pure light and the body breathed only occasionally, the breath was mostly stopped.

After we had been together for some minutes, I knew I had to end my morning sadhana because I had promised to Sunyani (my companion who was sitting next to me) to go to crocery store in time.

So I opened my astral mouth (that's a joke) and thanked both Isha and Yukteswarji for their satsang. Further, I asked for their help, assistance and guidance in my work as an yoga acharya and asked them to give their blessings to all Sundara Kriya Yogis, those who practice and for those who seek to practice it. This is such a hard plane (physical world) that we need all the blessings of the Satgurus we can get.

With Love I thanked and bowed to them and started feeling my physical body again.

What a nice satsang with two resurrected Satgurus on the day of Easter (Isha's resurrection).

Thank you Isha Natha,

Thank you Sri Yukteswar,

Om Aum,

- Babananda, 9.4.2012

perjantai 13. tammikuuta 2012

English: March on!

March on!

The person looks around and sees the sheer madness of the mind. He/she becomes disillusioned of its beliefs and says, ”I want the Truth of Life”. And so, he sets his foot on the Path of knowing the Self beyond suffering.

He decides to take medicine which removes the poison of delusion, illusion and error of his life. This is very good. He enjoys the first steps on the Path with Joy, singing loudly and dancing around.

But then, one day, the medicine isn't sweet anymore... Now it tastes like s*hit... He feels a sting...

Ouch! What happened?!”, he wonders, scrathing his head in awe. ”What hit me..?

Those who still believe in the mind and its stories, begin to doubt the purpose of walking the Path. Some say, ”Oh, this is not what I want. This isn't what I really need... I want something easier... something warm and cozy... not awful problems like this...” and they rationalize why it is better to stop meditating, praying and ego-surrendering. They step aside of the Path and lose the Path... while those who have faith and courage, march on fearlessly.

The sting will pass and again there will be Joy and Bliss, greater than before. Little by little, the seeker gets to know the Self. The medicine tastes sweet again.

Slowly, they, the seeker and the Self, become acquainted and friends until ”Ouch!” the medicine becomes bitter and the legs start to shake again. And in this way it continues...

”Aahhh... What a Love and Joy...” and

”Ouch! It hurts!” and

”Ooohhh... What a silent and blissful being I am...” and

”Bloody hell! WTF!?”...

And this keeps on going, back and forth, until the seeker has gone through the deepest and most dreadful of his inner hells, has become face-to-face with the worst of his fears and gone beyond them. His muscles, bones and marrow are completely grounded... Nothing is left...

But finally! At last!

As he hasn't settled for any fleeting experience or any half-truths, he shall, by the Grace of God, become unified with the Self and become Self-Awakened.

Never again, is he bothered by the taste of the medicine... whether bitter or sweet. Nothing is the same anymore... There is no suffering, nor attaching to the freedom attained... The True Nature, the Self has been truly found and realized.

All this begins with a firm resolve to know the Truth beyond the limits of the ”me, my, mine-mind” .

As you firmly make the resolve... Keep treading on! March on! Don't be moved by small or big setbacks. Know that any problem you face is created by your own mind and its reactions.

Settle for no less than the full Truth of Life...


- Babananda