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The Path of Advaita Siddhanta

The Path of Advaita Siddhanta

In this period of time, my work is a lot of emailing, writing, organizing, arranging and taking care of a lot stuff concerned with teaching Sundara Kriya Yoga of Moolar and Babaji. It is a lot of work for one person, some times too much. Answering emails can take hours of my day, it keeps me very busy. Since the beginning of my conscious seeking, I've always thought that this path and spiritual work is for the benefit of all persons and all beings, in all aspects: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, creatively, materially... in all ways. Hence, naturally, I try to give my best to it.

It isn't always easy and it never will be for any teacher whose message is that of spiritual truth. That is because the mainstream culture and the mind of man is that of dualism (dvaita) and anyone who expounds on the contrary to that, shares the message of non-dualism (advaita) will meet with the doubts and negativity, even hate, of fellow men. That is just how it will always be. I remember Buddha as well as some other buddhist masters talking about this to his or theirs students. It was the same mind of man which nailed Jesus to the cross, too.

Anyway, today after writing pages of emails to Finnish and foreign friends, fellow seekers, I was exhausted. I still had many things to take care of but I was just tired... I sat down, not meaning to meditate, but just to take some rest, you know. Just yesterday, in the case of one Tibetan buddhist master, I'd been wondering why they need to take breaks of their public work and their doctors always insist them to take full rest from their work. I think I've got some taste of that.

So I sat down, allowed my breath to calm down for a few moments and just watched around our living room which is our meditation and training room. After some moments, I closed my eyes and sighed to master (Thirumoolar), that this work is heavy for me sometimes. At that he answered, with an understanding and knowing tone,

"Your work is to bring all yogas of wisdom together and put it out".

When he said "all yogas of wisdom" a flash of a map with India, China and Japan flew through my mind. After that, I opened my eys, started moving my body and noticed that 2 hours had passed since I sat down.

Master's words weren't news for me but a good reminder. Sometimes I feel it is a humongous task for a simple man like myself. You know, I'm not a great master, not an avatar or anything close that, wasn't born enlightened or anything like that. I'm just a guy from Finland who loved to meditate, or better had no other choice than to meditate(!), and sought for the Truth, nothing great or fancy but simply outting up a honest spiritual effort which doesn't come easy. And now, I'm just simple servant of my satgurudeva, Moolarji.

I'm very happy that in some years of pursuing this path and doing this work on courses, initiations and retreats, I've been fortunate to meet likeminded people, so far only in Finland, who resonate with this lineage of masters and teachings and are willing to pursue it, honestly and sincerely. When I see people joining courses and who write me emails afterwards, telling me their lives have changed for better, in nothing short of a miraculous way, I feel I am doing something right and that there is a concrete benefit to people. Then I feel this sweaty and backbreaking effort bears fruit. I've said to masters since day one, that if it didn't (bring benefit) I wouldn't continue to do this.

As a simple and somewhat tough-luck guy from Finland, I can say that Kriya Yoga of Moolar and Babaji, has some real potential in making our lives beautiful. But we need to practice, everyday, every moment, moment to moment... seek and find, seek and find, find and find again... I can say that with the help of Thirumoolar and Babaji one's life may turn into that of a song and dance, of calmness and understanding... Life can become truly humane... This is highly desired but we need to take the medicine of Kriya Yoga and practice it. Sundara Kriya Yoga of Moolar and Babaji is the path to nondual perfection (advaita siddhanta). A path and method to our true home, to liberation (moksha), nothing less than that. Please make every use of it.

Much Love and Blessings to All,
- Babananda, 19.10.2012

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