torstai 10. maaliskuuta 2011

Remembering our Divine Nature with Isha Nath

Remembering our Divine Nature

with Isha Nath

After a good 6 months of not tuning into Isha Natha's presence, a chanting of His nama-mantra, Om Isha Nathaye Namaha, arised from within me. In a moment my being and nervous system was flooded with the golden light of Isha's – Jesus Christ's – Love and care.

Where have You been?”, I asked.

No! Where have YOU been!?”, He replied sharply.

Once again we are reminded that the help of the Satgurus – Spiritual Masters, whether They are in physical body or not – are available at all times. Never ever are Their help afar from us and it is only due to our own personal karma that we forget.

We are reminded of our Divine Nature, our own Eternal Self, in this way, again and again. Fortunately This Nature is loving and compassionate for if it weren't certainly we would forget and never remember again.

Bowing deeply at the feet of the Masters,

Om Namah Shivaya,

  • Babananda, 10th of March 2011

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