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Fathers child - Mothers child

Fathers child – Mothers child

Darshans of Siva and Shakti – Thirumular and Amma – at Amritapuri in January 2010.

Sometimes when we need it and when we are ready for it, we can receive unforgettable spiritual blessings from the Creator – the Spirit – as abstract experiences such as Light and Sound or sometimes through the forms of the Satgurus. Mother Amma – Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi – has been very dear and mystical being for me and surely to many others as well. The incarnations of the Divine Mother are cases of their own among spiritual masters.

We were at Amma's ashram, Amritapuri, in southern India with Vikasita, my wife. My meditations went deep and Grace descended on me like a refreshing and tender rain, at the same time bringing heavy blissfulness as if a heavy cloak would have been put on my shoulders. Many times the meditations streched to last several hours – due to the Love of the Divine Mother. It felt silly to look at the clock 4 hours later as it felt like it would have lasted only a short while.

A quote from my diary:
”The meditation this morning was awesome. I prayed to Amma and Thirumular already last night to show me that I wouldn't see Them as two, that it wouldn't mix up my mind because it will do that, if one lets it to do so. The mind divides everything – One – into two. In the morning Amma and Mularji showed me how They became One Light at my root chakra and ascended along my spine.
In this afternoons meditation I saw how Siva – Thirumular – was shining like a vast golden Sun high above my head – smiling, watching, enjoying Himself. Amma – Shakti Mata – rode around the Sun sitting on a fiery tiger made of light (!) pulling its ears, diving through my body and heart which I really felt in my physical body. Amma, as a laughing Mother Durga on Her tiger drove inside my body and She expanded my body into an overwhelming massive Light melting me into One Grace Light – Siva. Before this vision I saw also two balls of light circling each other, joining as one seamless light and again becoming apart – and again joining – and becoming apart – again and again. This helps me. That is, Father and Mother are helping me.”
”Ask and you shall be given”, Isha taught. If we ask for blessings, teaching in meditation and we are ready for it, we shall receive what we ask.

Many times, in my mind, I've wondered the relationships between Amma, Thirumular and Babaji. I am sure that from Their perspective my wonderings appear amusing! I remember one darshan from early 2008 where Amma and Babaji were simultaneously – as equals, a big sister and little brother, put in short. At that time also, I asked for an answer to a matter that I was wondering. It was good that I could tune into that high frequency of consciousness where it is possible to communicate with the Satgurus. Communicating requires of course that They see it necessary. Sometimes a verbal or telepathic answer doesn't come but They see it best to give Their answers with presence only.

I can still remember Thirumular's smiling figure when I saw Him as a shining golden Sun above my head. If a yogi is sensitive enough with an ability to see or feel, one can see the 9th chakra above the head as similar massive Sun – that is how it appears as seen from below. The 9th chakra or the God-center (a name I use for this consciousness center) is a center of God consciousness or Oneness consciousness in practice and it isn't a surprise that Thirumular – one of the greatest Beings who have ever walked on Earth – showed Himself as a persona of the absolute Siva-consciousness. If we say that Thirumular is a yogi, or a Guru, or a Satguru, or a spiritual master, of course it is right but still these definitions and titles leave so far of what He as a whole is. It is impossible to describe that. I remember one time when I asked Him in meditation (during the same trip to India) if He had incarnated as Rishi Sundaranatha at Badrinath, Himalayas, in the eraly 1900's and been a well known yogi there, He answered that ”a ray” of His consciousness incarnated in that body. One ”ray”. I keep Rishi Sundaranatha's picture with me wherever I go, one can find it in Yogiraj Siddhanath's book.

It is my experience that also Amma is one of these greatest Beings who ever have walked on this planet. She is the only spiritual master I've met physically who I've perceived to be constantly – without interruption – conscious in a magnificant way. When these different levels are revealed they are revealed in Her – in Amma or Thirumular – not that Amma or Thirumular would be in some state of consciousness. They are so vast. The same goes for Babaji and Isha. It is constructive to meditate and wonder this. And how wonderful it is to enjoy at the soft lap of our Father and Mother! Nothing equals it. Nothing else equals to our own awareness because it is, in fact, our own state when we find ourselves in Satgurus – Amma's or Thirumular's – Siva's and Shakti's – consciousness.

Jai Thirumular Ki Jai
Jai Babaji Ki Jai
Jai Isha Nath Ki Jai
Jai Adi Shankara Ki Jai
Jai Amma Ki Jai

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