keskiviikko 29. kesäkuuta 2011

Krishna, Buddha, Krishna, Buddha...

Krishna, Buddha, Krishna, Buddha...

Sometimes Master's name, Thirumular, doesn't feel fitting to Him. Sometimes I just feel that His real name, or the name that I'd like to call Him, is not Thirumular.

I had attuned to Master's presence and was tasting His name, Thirumular, which didn't feel right. Sometimes this happens.

What should I call you, Master?”, I asked instinctively.

How about Krishna or Buddha or ...” He started counting.

At that I glanced at Him for a brief moment until we both broke into laughter.

After a few moments I began to chant ”Om Thirumular Namaya” and felt greatly elevated, peaceful and full of bliss.

Then several hours later, as I sat out in the garden, I asked master to give a Siddha Healing to me. This is an ancient way of healing in our Siva Yoga lineage. For the last several days my body had been more or less shaky as I had come across very deep subconscious fears near the root of my spine. Encountering such issues which hit right at the root of the human body, the earth element, and organizes the ”pieces of puzzle” in a new order might take a good while to recover from.

As I felt Siva's healing energy flush throughout my body, Master seemed to be particularly concentrated at fixing my root of the spine like doing some little repairing deed. As He was doing that, He was humming to Himself,

Krishna, Buddha, Krishna, Buddha...”.

I couldn't be but amused and charmed of Him. Again.

Such a Satguru is Mularji.

Om Nama Shivaya,

- Babananda, 29.6.2011

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