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IN ENGLISH: The Great Darshan

The Great Darshan
Blessings from the Siddhas

So far I've been very cautious as have been other sadhakas and yogis throughout the times as well of telling about their spiritual experiences publicly. However, I came across an internet-blog that is kept up by an fellow devotee and follower of Siddha Thirumularji's and Mahavatar Babaji's Siva Yoga and The Three Divine Qualities Lessons that are available in the internet (please see the linklist elsewhere in this blog). In the other devotees blog he tells how he has been contacted by Siddha Thirumularji.

As I've also been blessed with Thirumularji's and other Siddhas darshans I felt it would beneficial to people all over the planet to have access to this information as telling of such experiences simply expands the field of common knowledge and can direct the soul to the path that leads to the Supreme Soul. This is the reason I've told this publicly and sincerely hope this deed to fullfil its correct purpose.

I considered of leaving out big portions of what happened during the darshan simply because I believe there aren't many people on the planet who can cope with such knowledge without getting ruffled between their rational minds and doubt and the intuitive knowledge of their inner beings that discriminates the right from wrong but felt that if I left something untold of what really happened it would distort the truth or impair it. Thus the whole story as it happened has been told.

However I believe that telling about this contact is beneficial and inspirational to many as it tells to everyone that the Siddhas and Their blessings do not only belong to the ancient times and that They are not distant from any of us but that They are available to everyone who choose to tread the path of Yoga sincerely and wholeheartedly and especially follow The Yoga of the Siddhas such as Babaji's Kriya Yoga or The Three Divine Qualities.

I wish that this narration of the darshan of the Great Siddhas brings more clarity to how the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent perfected Masters guide Their disciples and how They are available to all beings, than it brings doubt, unclarity and suspicion because the whole mankinds consciousness in general and the humans minds individually are already filled up to their brims with these thoughts and emotions that only lead astray.

I pray to Lord Siva and the Gurus,
that He will bless all beings who come to know about this narration,
to be able to grasp its true meaning and make their lives beautiful with the guidance and the practice of the Yoga of the Siddhas,

* * *

Took place on the 1st of May 2008.
This all happened after the practice of The Three Divine Qualities - Siva Yoga when I was in paravastha state, looking at my whole body filled with pure golden light and experiencing the vastness of the emptiness state.
When I was in this state I saw a yogi in front of me who was doing this very difficult asana. I looked at him briefly and thought first that it might be a real yogi or it might be an illusion, so I ignored it. Then the yogi stood up and walked to me. As I watched his beautiful face glowing with Divine Love, I realised that he is one of the great Siddhas. His face, dark brown hair and beard was so magically attracting that I just melted while watching him.
”Who are you?”, I asked.
”I am Thirumular”, He replied.
”Is this real?”, I continued.
”Yes, my child”, He said.
I prostrated immediately when I heard this and touched and kissed His lotusfeet.
”Beloved Gurudev, Could You take me into higher levels of consciousness?”, I asked.
”Yes”, Thirumular replied and I felt how we started to rise quickly like into a glowing cotton wool. I noticed how the ”texture” of the place changed more subtle and lighter compared to the texture of the previous state.
”What is this place?”, I asked.
”This is Brahmaloka”, Guru answered.
I was very happy and said,
”O Gurudev, How can I attain the same as You and become like You?”.
”Do sadhana, pray and surrender”, He answered.
I thought I certainly would do so and asked,
”Could we go still higher?”, and we immediately started to ascend higher. The view changed all the more subtler and lighter.
When we arrived, I saw how the forms and spirits of the great Siddhas started to gather around me. I recognised Agastyar, Boganathar, Kalangi Nathar and saw many, many others who I didn't recognise.
I felt how my physical body that was sitting in asana started to tremble because I was so moved and I cried out of sheer gratitude. I was both in Siddhaloka, I had asked the name of the place as soon as we had arrived there, and in my physical body. I understood how different levels of being such as physical, vital, mental, intellectual and spiritual can exist in the same space.
Tears were rolling down my cheeks and my jaws twisted open because I was so moved. I bowed my head to lotusfeet of Agastyar, Boganathar, Kalangi Nathar and Thirumular and completely surrendered to Them.
”Beloved Gurus, I pray to You to please bless me and help me to become like You in this very body. I pray to You please, Beloved Gurus”.
”You will”, They answered and the tears streamed out of my eyes even more.
I was so happy and delighted of this blessing. The Siddhas around me started to leave and I asked Thirumular Gurudev to take me still higher and we did.
”Where are we now?”, I asked.
"We are at the higher Brahmaloka”, Thirumularji answered.
As I was experiencing both my physical body and heard the sounds from the physical surroundings I asked,
”How can I experience the both states of being at the same time?”.
”Because it is the Truth, my child”, He answered.
”So this is Your body?”, I asked Thirumular and he nodded.
I thought that if this Brahmaloka or Higher Consciousness was the real body of Thirumularji then it had to be my real body as well. As this realisation came to me, we both burst into a big laughter.
Then I thought that was Babaji here also and at that moment directly in front of me came Babaji, who looked like a sadhu with long hair and beard who was very impressive, majestic, in appearance and size. He was very big, maybe more than 6 feet/190 cm. I started to cry like little baby and kissed Babaji's holy feet.
”I Love You Babaji, I Love You Babaji, I surrender to You, I surrender to You, I Love You”. I managed to say through all the sobbing.
In this darshan Babaji didn't say anything to me.
I bowed at the lotusfeet of all three Gurus: Thirumularji who was at my left side and Babaji in front of me, and I prayed to Them. I surrendered completely at Their feet.
I asked that was there something I could do but didn't get any answer. Later I realised I had already got an answer to this question. I felt that the darshan was coming to an end. About half an hour had passed.
I was still in a high state of consciousness and I felt the chakras in my head to be fully loaded with Divine power. When I felt that I wasn't at the company of my Gurus anymore, I said a silent prayer:
”Thank You Beloved Gurus and Siddhas, I surrender at Your holy lotusfeet now and forever. I Love You and surrender to You, I Love You Beloved Siva. I pray to You great Masters to help me to attain the complete perfection. Beloved Gurus, I am Your follower and child now and forever. I Love You and surrender to You.”.
When I finished my prayer, I saw a big group of Siddhas in front of me in a semi-circle, holding Their hands palms together at Their hearts all with big wide smiles on Their faces. I dived immediately to bow at Their feet with my astral hands joined together as well with a broad smile on my face. As I bowed before Them and we smiled to each other, They started to leave.
The darshan was over.
For the whole following evening and even the next day I was in a very bright and clear state of consciousness.
* * *

Hari Om

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