tiistai 10. elokuuta 2010

Darshan.. Maybe never. Or now.

O Gurudeva (Thirumular), What is this name Mularmurti which is coming to me all the time?”

It is your name, Mularmurti Babananda.”

Mm-hh... Thank You but I am not sure about using it.”

Use it. You should use it.”

O Mularji, thank You for all the darshans and blessings during the retreat(*). When will You bless me with Your darshan in a physical body?”

Maybe never. Or now.”

Satgurudev! Please bless me with You darshan! Please!”

You don't need my darshan. You are My darshan.”

Oh... Thank You Gurudev, All I want is a place at Your feet.”

Be grateful to your own Self.”, He said in His sweet and mischievous manner and we both smiled.

I surrender my whole life and being to You. I Love You”

Love is here, Love is now. Always remain in Love.”

In Mularji's Love,

- Mularmurti Babananda

10th of August 2010,

(*)New Life Retreat held in Finland, 8/2010, more info at sundarayoga.fi

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